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Reflexology Therapy

Our Podiatrist, George Cotsanis, specialises in the diagnosis and management of foot and ankle disorders/injuries. His services include:

  • General Podiatric Care & Nail Surgery

    • Nail & skin pathologies​

    • General soft tissue, muscle and joint problems

    • Sore feet & walking difficulties

  • Children's Podiatry

    • Awkward walking patterns​

    • Flat feet/arches

    • Gait re-education

  • Diabetic & Arthritic Foot Care

    • For those are high risk due to circulatory or neurological-related issues

  • Overuse & Sporting Injuries

    • Foot, heel, ankle and lower leg pain

    • Knee, hip & lower back dysfunction​

  • Orthotic Prescription

    • Diagnosis and prescription for a broad range of conditions​

    • The latest prescription and manufacturing techniques used

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