GLA:D Program

The Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark (GLA:D) is a specifically designed education and exercise program  for individuals with hip and/or knee arthritis.

Group Exercise Circuits

Our Group Exercise Circuit classes, are composed of low impact strength, endurance, cardiovascular and balance exercises to improve overall health and wellbeing in a supervised, social setting.

Group Physio Rehab

Our Group Physio Rehab classes utilise a range of exercise methods, including traditional Pilates movements and general strength and conditioning to actively assist in your rehabiltation.


Our Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy classes, conducted in the warm water pool at Eltham Leisure Centre, are designed to assist you in actively managing your condition, and help you to improve your overall health.



660 Main Road, Eltham VIC 3095

Ph: 9439 3290

Fax: 9439 8975

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